Video games enhance multi tasking in adults

An image dispalying the multi tasking in adults

Experts identified which senior citizens whom participate in any 3-D video gaming enhance the capability to sustain focus in addition to perform multitask successfully. The results highlight the prospective of the aging brain to perk up certain skills. As we grow older, brain can amend and affect our cognitive abilities and memory. One such affected ability that might be altered is multitasking—the ability to concurrently carry out multiple goals. Research carried out by Drs. Joaquin A. Anguera and Adam Gazzaley team examined the multitasking abilities in adults who play video games to those that who do not.

Electroencephalography (EEG) results assessed the neural basis of the cognitive changes and found transformation in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain which is a region involved in cognitive control.

NIH, September 16, 2013

Choline intake improve Memory and Attention-Holding Capacity

An image dispalying the Choline intake improve Memory

A good experimental analyze throughout subjects has revealed that ingesting choline, the supplement N team source of nourishment seen in food products just like eggs as well as fowl or perhaps ground beef liver organ, soy as well as wheat or grain seed, aids augment long-term memory as well as attention-holding capability. Experts researched the results regarding the intake of choline supplements throughout subjects comprehending the actual affect regarding supplement N ingestion concerning memory as well as awareness procedures in the course of gestation as well as throughout grownup individuals. The actual people concluded that prenatal choline ingestion increases long-term memory within the enhancing children with proper challenging brain.

This sample regarding grownup children undergone would be a great experiment to help evaluate their particular memory preservation practice right from the childhood.

Science Daily, July 11, 2013

Testosterone role in getting better Verbal Learning and Memory

An image dispalying the Verbal Learning and Memory

The study was presented on Monday at The Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Postmenopausal women showed better verbal learning and memory after receiving treatment with testosterone gel, while the ones who received treatment with a placebo, didn’t show any difference. Susan Davis of Monash University, Australia presented in the study that this was the first large, placebo-controlled study of the effects of testosterone on mental skills in postmenopausal women who are not on estrogen therapy. Menopause has been associated with memory decline due to diminishing protective hormone estrogen. The verbals and memory were been tested in 12 weeks and 26 weeks interval and was observed that testosterone therapy progressively improved the patients to recall the words.

Testosterone has always shown its importance in women as it plays active role in sexual desire, energy and bone density while improving mood. In men, recent studies have revealed that testosterone replacement has constructive effects on brain function.

Know your brain

An image dispalying the human brain

How far you know about your brain? Let’s know some quick facts on brain. It weighs about 3 pounds. The brain might live for around 4-6 minutes without the supply of Oxygen. Brain generates 10-23 watts of power when you are awake. 20% of the blood and oxygen generated by our body is supplied to brain. One of the amazing facts remains that the brain hosts around 100 billion neurons. As we all know that each individual as same number of brain cells during the birth and it doesn’t multiply. They grow maximum at the age of six. The sense of touch is the first sense organ, a fetus develops. To stay fit keep your brain active as mental exercise is known to stimulate the development of new neurons throughout the lifetime. A study in New York suggests that individuals eating food exclusive of additives, preservatives and artificial flavors possessed better IQ. Remembering something and thinking new establishes new connections. The best time your brain files up the memories is during your sleep thus cherish your sleep. Each part of your brain has a purpose.

Thus it’s high time that you understand your superpowers embedded with you and utilize the most. Healthy brain makes you healthy individual.

Male vs. Female

An image dispalying the Male vs. Female

Recent studies have revealed that newborn males and females have very dissimilar brain circuitry. According to Dr. LouAnn Brizendine, all brains of male and female gender look similar until 8 weeks of conceiving which later discriminate based on the rush of Testosterone. And most of the parents growing both sexes observe differences although they ignore to suppress the inborn discrimination. These differences have been lively shown in Brain Imaging technologies of both the gender. There exists quite a difference among the two sexes which are now evident.  To scrutinize some of those differences Language skills is one among them. Girls talk earlier than boys; have better verbal, vocabulary, memory & spelling frequency. Men are frequently less socially skillful, and are additional task-oriented thinkers than females. Numerical brain function is larger in males than in females thus they do better mathematics and physics than girls.

During stressful situations Males show fight back strategy where as females show befriend response. Males are easily prone to brain disorders like autism, ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome, while women are more vulnerable to mood disorders like anxiety and depression.