Sick leaves shrink the spread of flu

An image dispalying the spread of flu

University of Pittsburgh come up with interesting study that showed the importance of Universal paid sick leaves. The researchers simulated an influenza epidemic study in Pittsburgh and surrounding Allegheny County. Study found that universal access to paid sick days would reduce flu cases in the workplace by nearly 6 percent and estimated it to be more effective for small, compared to large, workplaces. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people suffering from flu stay home for 24 hours after their fever breaks.

However the access is limited and not all income countries are able to afford sick leaves. The mission to protect the U.S. and the global community against communicable infectious disease threat has lead to this important awareness among the citizens.

Regular intake of Iron during Pregnancy show improved Birth weight

An image dispalying the Iron during Pregnancy

Statistics in 2013 showed anemia affects more than 1.6 billion people, or approximately 25% of the population.  Iron deficiency is the most widespread nutritional deficiency in the world. It is the most common cause of anemia during pregnancy, especially in low and middle income countries, affecting an estimated 32 million pregnant women estimated globally during 2011. WHO recommends a dose of 60mg of Iron per day for expected mothers. But improved results were observed in the pregnant women’s who consumed 66mg per day. The 10 mg increase in the regular dosage showed reduced risk of maternal anemia up to 12%. Not only reduction in maternal anemia, the birth weight also increased by 15 g and risk of low birth weight was decreased by 3%.

This recommends the expected mothers to increase their iron in the diet to have improved health like improved maternal hematological status and also increased birth weight.

New causes arise in Common Lung Cancer

An image dispalying the Lung Cancer

Dr. Kuebler’s research has found that in cases of lung edema, or fluid in the lungs, not only do the lungs fail to keep water out as previously believed, but they are also allowing water to pump in. The Lungs main role is to fluid out the air space and this was observed to be restricted in the patients suffering from Lung Edema. But Dr. Wolfgang Kuebler, a scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital observed that this not only stop pumping the fluid out, rather they tend to pump in the fluids in reverse direction.

This research finding has shown some important implications for the treatment of lung edema. By Stopping the pumping mechanism turns protective for the lung and important for effective treatment. This shows why Lasix, a commonly prescribed drug, works effectively in treating lung edema — it simply prevents the pumps from allowing fluid into the air spaces.

A virus combination turns life saving against dreadful brain tumor

An image dispalying the virus combination turns life saving against dreadful brain tumor

WHO classification named “glioblastoma“, is the most widespread and most aggressive brain tumor killing many lives. GBM also accounts for around 12% – 15% of all intracranial tumors and around 50% – 60% of astrocytic tumors with a median survival rate of ~12 months; 5-year survival rate of ~4%. Forsyth and the co-authors have published their outstanding research that brings hope for many Brain tumor Patients. The study lead author conveyed that Oncolytic viruses infecting and breaking down cancer cells offer promising possibilities for overcoming resistance to targeted therapies. This research seems to be rising hopes in many lives.

Peter A. Forsyth, M.D., of Moffitt’s Neuro-Oncology Program say that combination of the myxoma virus and the immune suppressant rapamycin can kill glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive and deadliest malignant brain tumor. This combination is effective to infect and kill both brain cancer stem cells and differentiated compartments of glioblastoma multiforme.

Does race affects Multiple Sclerosis?

An image dispalying the Multiple Sclerosis

The research published in the Journal Neurology conducted by Kaiser Permanente stated that Multiple sclerosis (MS) is more common in black women than in white women, according a new study. This study brought a great contradiction as till now it was believed that Black ones are less vulnerable to this disease. The e-health records of over 3.5 million members of Southern California were estimated from the 2008-2011. 496 new MS patients were recorded. Among the reported new cases, black patients contributed to 47% greater likelihood of MS compared to white patients. Results conveyed that Portuguese had a 50% reduced risk compared to white patients and Asians had 80% lower chance than whites.

Researchers suggest that the possible explanation of the findings to be the people with darker skin tones have lower vitamin D levels and therefore an increased risk of MS.

Prey-Predator relationship impinge on Carbon Cycle

An image dispalying the impinge on Carbon Cycle

A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveal the facts on the Carbon Cycle. Researchers at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, convey in their study that Predators- Prey relationship affect Carbon Cycle. It looks strange to everyone that the relationship between snakes and rats — herbivores and predators in the study’s food chain — and how does it affect the grassland ecosystem. Dr. Oswald Schmitz, professor of ecology discovered that predators may have important effects on determining the make-up of ecosystems. The researchers controlled the food chains of grassland ecosystem by making manipulations to see how the levels of carbon would change over time.

The study showed fantasized results that the presence of spiders shot up the rate of carbon uptake by the plants by about 1.4 times more than when just grasshoppers were present and by 1.2 more times than when no animals were present.

Blockage of Bradykinin B1 receptor (B1R) recovers Memory Loss, a Mouse study suggests

An image dispalying the Mouse study

Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital scientists have found that memory pathology in older mice with Alzheimer’s disease could be overturned with treatment. Recovery of memory and cerebrovascular function is now reversed by blocking up of an over active receptor in Alzheimer mice. Alzheimer’s disease destroys nerve cells. This blockage not only improved the learning and memory, but also marked recovery in blood flow and vascular reactivity. This also showed another amazing result that has previously never seen in mouse model, there was a reduction by almost 50% of toxic amyloid-beta peptide. These receptor no doubt have confirmed its role of B1R in AD pathogenesis.

The new opportunities are open for the researchers to find potential blockers bradykinin B1R receptors.