Do you think that blood/sweat can be used to power batteries?- Many of the researches say yes




       We cannot think of a world without batteries. We use batteries for our daily use in many ways.  But still we cannot endure the fact that batteries die with time. A clear solution to all this is the introduction of batteries that can be charged and recharged with the help of our blood and sweat.

       Scientists have created a sweat-powered bio battery. Batteries formulate energy by passing current, in the form of electrons, from an anode to cathode. The device works by identifying and retorting to lactate, which is naturally present in sweat. In this case, the anode contained the enzyme that removes electrons from lactate, and the cathode contained a molecule that accepts the electrons. Interestingly, people who were less fit (exercising fewer than once a week) produced more power than those who were moderately fit (exercising one –three times a week).

       As the electrolyte is available as long as humans are alive, this type of battery is also ideal for medical applications. This will be useful to much more advanced artificial heart. Due to its small size, the battery can easily be setup under the human skin without distress. As the ionic liquid used for these batteries work at higher and lower temperatures this technology is also applicable to mechanical innovations. The researchers are trying to the best possible way of production and also trying to increase its efficiency. Hope, this new innovation will be a success and become a asset for the forthcoming technology


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Have you ever heard of a Penguin taller than most Humans?

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Did you ever know any penguin that weighed 250 pounds and stood taller than a person: the colossus penguin? A penguin species that survived millions of years ago would have dwarfed today. This was mentioned according to an analysis of fossils by researcher’s team from the La Plata Museum in Argentina. According to the fossils it stood upon 6.8 feet that is supposed to be taller than many humans.

From those fossil bones of the penguin the researcher’s team predicted the species would have been 2m (6.8 feet) tall and approximately weighed as much as 115kg. Colossal Penguin that lived 40 million years ago stood nearly 7 feet tall. And as the time passed, they have come to 3.1 feet on an average. Researchers are working on the various reasons and the factors that affected their height.


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Excellence of arithmetic energizes enthusiastic brain

A new study infers excellence may have a neurological basis. Utilizing brain examines, scientists in the UK discovered valuation for conceptual magnificence -, for example, in discovering parts of arithmetic wonderful – energizes the same feeling focuses in the mind as energy about excellence that hails from additional tactile experience – like listening to music or taking a gander at incredible craft. Having read reports about how some individuals contrast encountering the excellence of arithmetic with liking a fine centerpiece, the scientists chose to check whether the cerebrum’s feeling focuses are animated in the same path for these diverse encounters of magnificence.

Lead creator Semir Zeki, a professor at the Wellcome Laboratory of Neurobiology at University College London (UCL), says the measure of movement in an individual’s mind relates with how seriously they report their knowledge of excellence to be – actually when the object of their consideration is a theoretical idea. Prof. Zeki says as with visual knowledge of craft and listening to music, they establish the movement in the mind positively connected with how seriously the members pronounced their knowledge of magnificence to be, “even in this case where the wellspring of excellence is greatly dynamic.

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