Did you Know the Most Audacious Animal on World?


According to the Guinness Book of World Records. The honey badger, named “world’s most courageous animal”. Honey Badgers have many reasons to be valiant. They have very broad (about 1/4 inches), rubbery skin the fact that the honey badger doesn’t hesitate to attack animals bigger than itself. He is the final ruler of the animal empire.
You get the idea, it’s seems that such a terrific courage that it also kills the bees or stuns them, it never think to fight back elephants, lions, and deadly cobras, badger can eat all the honey it needs without mortal. Nature & Environment has its own way of creating creatures.

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Why Squids are the Brainiest?


The giant squids are said to be among the brainiest invertebrates in the planet. The prevalent of these ever found measured 59 feet (18 meters) in length and weighed nearly a ton (900 kilograms). In 2004 researchers in Japan took the first images ever of a live giant squid. Their brain development is different from other invertebrates in the ocean, as they share complex skin tone related to the human brain. Squids can be very probing about their environment.

They have the capacity to learn new skills developing ability to use tools that can either help them inhibit their dullness and protect them from harm.

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Eat chocolates, stay happier

An image dispalying the Chocolates

Dark chocolate has multiple health benefits. Consumption of small quantity dark chocolate 3- 4 times a week has good benefits on heart as it improves the blood flow and prevents blood clot. It is also known to lower the blood pressure which helps in the improved flow of the blood. It increases blood flow to brain and heart keeping it healthier. It reduces the risk of Stroke. Improved blood flow to the brain show better cognitive function. Chocolates contain several chemical compounds which are involved in mood variations. One such chemical is Phenylethylamine which release endorphins that make you feel happier.  The same chemical compound is also seen when an individual feel like falling in love. Chocolate contains less caffeine than coffee which is a mild stimulant.

Dark Chocolate is also known to show reduced insulin resistance thus helps your body utilize insulin much efficiently. It is also known reservoirs of antioxidants that protect you from several types of cancer and help you fight signs of aging. It also contains Theobromine that helps suppressing cough. It is also a rich source of Vitamins and Minerals that exist in rich concentrations which keeps your health fit and fine.