Genetic Diversity and Genetic Uniqueness of Indigenous Myanmar Mango (Sein Ta Lone) Cultivar in Kyaukse District


Myanmar Sein Ta Lone cultivar is one of the choicest cultivars of mango among the horticultural fruits not only in national level but also in global market due to its superior characteristics such as sweet taste, fibreless pulp, good aroma and flavor. Kyaukse District stands out as a major producer and supplier of Sein Ta Lone cultivar because of its appropriate weather and geographical conditions. Genetic diversity of 60 Myanmar Sein Ta Lone mango accessions from 21 orchards within three locations in Kyaukse District was studied in this research. 9 Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) markers were used to study the genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships among the collected mango accessions. Total of 48 scorable bands were observed on amplification with the sizes ranging between 110bp and 369bp. Polymorphic information content (PIC) of 9 SSR markers were 0.265 to 0.74 with an average of 0.421 per marker. The optimal annealing temperature of the primers was 42 to 58°C in range.

By using UPGMA cluster analysis, it grouped all the accessions from three locations with a genetic similar coefficient between 0.68-0.96. The cluster analysis by UPGMA of 60 mango accessions were shown in Figure. This study also discriminated the homogeneity and heterogeneity within the orchards. There was no clone in each orchard and the least dissimilarity was ~ 4% in SM orchard in location 1, SH orchard and SPu orchard in location 2 and STM orchard in location 3. In the present study, the analysis of genetic study by means of microsatellite markers showed high genetic diversity of Sein Ta Lone mango accessions and a mix pattern of geographic origin within three locations.


Written by: Dr. San San Yu, Biotechnology Research Department, Kyaukse, Ministry of Education, Myanmar

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