Cleaner Environment, Healthier Life – JSciMed volunteered to clean San Diego’s Manzanita Canyon

Project helping 1_07092016

JSciMed Central volunteered in cleaning drive organized by Project Helping led by Ali Muhammad, a Marine and the “Phoenix Leader” at Project Helping. Volunteers gathered 225 pounds of trash and cleaned 12 graffiti from the 1-mile-long Manzanita Canyon in San Diego. Project helping 2_07092016JSciMed Central firmly believes in creating a cleaner and healthier neighborhood and supporting any such cause. We thank Project Helping for organizing the drive and would like to invite locals to participate in future drives with Project Helping. You can find more information about the drive at Project Helping Facebook page.

Multiple diseases including cancers such as Mesothelioma (a rare form of cancer affecting tissue linings of lungs, abdomen and heart) is caused by pollutants such as asbestos. Cleaner environment and healthier lifestyle prevents diseases. Stay Clean, Stay Healthy!

Author: JSciMed Central Publications (Copyright © 2016 JSciMed Central); Image Courtesy: Project Helping

Letter of Appreciation from Project Helping_July 09, 2016

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