Behcet’s Disease Awareness Day: Please Support!

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Raise more awareness of Behcet’s Disease! May 20th is Behcet’s Awareness Day. Behcet’s Disease is one of the rare diseases in US that is characterized by blood vessel inflammation throughout the body. About 3-5 per 100,000 people have Behcet’s in US, but it is very common disease in Turkey with as many as 1 in 250 people suffering from it. Many Behcet’s patients suffer from mouth ulcers, genital sores, and skin ulcers. Around 50% of patients may develop inflammation in the eye which can cause blindness if not treated. Less common symptoms but can lead to serious conditions are involvement of blood vessel inflammation in central nervous system and aneurysm. There is NO CURE for Behcet’s Disease.

On this day we just wanted you to know that there are people who are fighting with Behcet’s but finding information is difficult. Thus, please share the information, talk about it, and join hands to raise awareness on it.

At JSciMed Central Publications and Rare-is-Special, we support patients and families in raising awareness for rare disease, and we believe that one day science will discover the CURE for these less known diseases. We do not give up, you don’t give up!!

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Learn more about Behcet’s at National Institute of Health (NIH)

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