World’s First HIV-to-HIV Organ Transplant: A Medical Breakthrough

In a landmark medical triumph, the surgeons from the Johns Hopkins University have performed the world’s first-ever HIV-to-HIV organ transplant. The members of medical team announced successful transplant in a media briefing on March 31st at Johns Hopkins University. The liver and kidney from the deceased HIV-infected donor are transplanted into two HIV-positive patients. The surgeons announced that the surgeries went without complications and both of the recipient are doing extremely well. Kidney transplant recipient has been living with HIV for more than 30 years. Patient is already home now and doing well. Liver transplant recipient has also been living with HIV for more than 25 years. Hepatitis C led to the liver failure and the patient would have remained on the wait list for years without an organ offer. The patient is expected to be discharged from the hospital in a few days. This is encouraging and provides hope for life to the patients with HIV who are desperately in need of organ transplant to survive.

Following words are a tribute to the anonymous organ donor from her family: “She was a daughter, a mother, an auntie, best friend and sister! She was able to leave this world helping those underdogs she sought so hard for. Our family was fortunate to have had her for the time we did and blessed she is able to continue on within our hearts and the souls of so many she is able to help.”

Please share our video, talk about it, and participate in this effort. April is “Donate Life Month”. Consider Organ Donation!

Source: Johns Hopkins University Media Briefing

Author: JSciMed Central Publications (Copyright © 2016 JSciMed Central)

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