Synthetic plant hormones halt DNA repair in cancer cells: Potent anti-cancer therapy!

Recent study from Georgetown University Medical Center shows that synthetic version plant hormones (strigolactones) when combined with PARP inhibitors (anticancer drugs) have potential for anti-cancer therapy. The strigolactones are the plant hormones synthesized in roots and regulate root and shoot growth and development. The synthetic version of strigolactones in combination with PARP inhibitors can cause DNA damage as well as prevent DNA from self-repairing in cancer cells while leaving the normal cells unharmed. The full research paper was published on Feb 16th in the journal Oncotarget.

Source: Analogs of the novel phytohormone, strigolactone, trigger apoptosis and synergize with PARP inhibitors by inducing DNA damage and inhibiting DNA repair. Oncotarget, February 2016.