Have you ever heard of a Penguin taller than most Humans?


Did you ever know any penguin that weighed 250 pounds and stood taller than a person: the colossus penguin? A penguin species that survived millions of years ago would have dwarfed today. This was mentioned according to an analysis of fossils by researcher’s team from the La Plata Museum in Argentina. According to the fossils it stood upon 6.8 feet that is supposed to be taller than many humans.

From those fossil bones of the penguin the researcher’s team predicted the species would have been 2m (6.8 feet) tall and approximately weighed as much as 115kg. Colossal Penguin that lived 40 million years ago stood nearly 7 feet tall. And as the time passed, they have come to 3.1 feet on an average. Researchers are working on the various reasons and the factors that affected their height.

Posted by Prits

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