Do you think that blood/sweat can be used to power batteries?- Many of the researches say yes




       We cannot think of a world without batteries. We use batteries for our daily use in many ways.  But still we cannot endure the fact that batteries die with time. A clear solution to all this is the introduction of batteries that can be charged and recharged with the help of our blood and sweat.

       Scientists have created a sweat-powered bio battery. Batteries formulate energy by passing current, in the form of electrons, from an anode to cathode. The device works by identifying and retorting to lactate, which is naturally present in sweat. In this case, the anode contained the enzyme that removes electrons from lactate, and the cathode contained a molecule that accepts the electrons. Interestingly, people who were less fit (exercising fewer than once a week) produced more power than those who were moderately fit (exercising one –three times a week).

       As the electrolyte is available as long as humans are alive, this type of battery is also ideal for medical applications. This will be useful to much more advanced artificial heart. Due to its small size, the battery can easily be setup under the human skin without distress. As the ionic liquid used for these batteries work at higher and lower temperatures this technology is also applicable to mechanical innovations. The researchers are trying to the best possible way of production and also trying to increase its efficiency. Hope, this new innovation will be a success and become a asset for the forthcoming technology


Posted by Lina Mark


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