Catching a cyber thief is now easier

An image dispalying the Catching a cyber thief

A case so dry and with computing devices storing terabytes of personal data, it can take months before enough evidence can be cobbled together from reams of documents, emails, chat logs and text messages. Gaby Dagher and Benjamin Fung, researchers of Information Systems Engineering from Concordia Institute, will soon publish their findings in Data & Knowledge Engineering. Officers of Law enforcement are already putting this research to work via Concordia’s partnership with Canada’s National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance. Our new technique allows an investigator to cluster documents by producing overlapping groups by a normal search engines. In contrast to a normal search engine captures the suspects’ vocabulary, and further uses it to improve the accuracy of the search results allowing investigators to pick up on those nuances and quickly identify the incriminating documents.

Experiments with real-life criminal data already recommend that this approach is much more efficient than the existing traditional methods

Science Daily, June 5, 2013

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