Microscopic doctors: A pill that monitors your health

An image dispalying the pill that monitors your health

Sixth sense technology has incredibly increased its usage in the medical field. One such effort is by HQ Inc., who developed patented CorTemp®, an ingestible core body thermometer pill and the RF compatible CorTemp miniaturized data recorder. For people in intense professions, like space travel, different versions of these pills have been already used for some time. But soon it might be adopted by all the technology loving doctors, carrying them in their medical kit. These pills contain tiny sensors and transmitters. Doctors and researchers extend their medical knowledge and join hands with technology that supports the healthcare like core body temperature pill technology for its use in the prevention and detection of heat stress and heat related illness.

The organ system effortlessly monitors, records and reports real-time core body temperature in time-correlation with heart rate accurately, wirelessly and comfortably, every time! Without the usage of catheters, wire connections or probes, scientists, researchers and clinicians can monitor their free of discomfort and confinement.

The New York Times, June 23, 2013

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