Does race affects Multiple Sclerosis?

An image dispalying the Multiple Sclerosis

The research published in the Journal Neurology conducted by Kaiser Permanente stated that Multiple sclerosis (MS) is more common in black women than in white women, according a new study. This study brought a great contradiction as till now it was believed that Black ones are less vulnerable to this disease. The e-health records of over 3.5 million members of Southern California were estimated from the 2008-2011. 496 new MS patients were recorded. Among the reported new cases, black patients contributed to 47% greater likelihood of MS compared to white patients. Results conveyed that Portuguese had a 50% reduced risk compared to white patients and Asians had 80% lower chance than whites.

Researchers suggest that the possible explanation of the findings to be the people with darker skin tones have lower vitamin D levels and therefore an increased risk of MS.

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