Few incredible Mammalian hybrids.

An image dispalying the Mammalian hybrids

Hybrids are known genetic factor which is usually a cross breed resulting from the mating of two genetically distinct individuals. While not so common, a few animal species have been documented as being the result of hybridization. There are quite some mammalian hybrids recognized. To name a few the most famous mule a cross breed of female horse and male donkey, Hinney, a cross breed of female donkey and male horse, Zebroids either a cross breed of Zebra/horse (Zehorse) or Zebra/donkey (Zeedonk), Bovine hybrids such as Yakow, a cross breed of Yak and Cow, Ligers, the magnificiant Tigeress –Lion crossbreed, Gigantic Wolphins, a cross breed of Whale and Dolphins, etc.,

The hybrids are known to create a great genetic diversity.

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