Know your brain


How far you know about your brain? Let’s know some quick facts on brain. It weighs about 3 pounds. The brain might live for around 4-6 minutes without the supply of Oxygen. Brain generates 10-23 watts of power when you are awake. 20% of the blood and oxygen generated by our body is supplied to brain. One of the amazing facts remains that the brain hosts around 100 billion neurons. As we all know that each individual as same number of brain cells during the birth and it doesn’t multiply. They grow maximum at the age of six. The sense of touch is the first sense organ, a fetus develops. To stay fit keep your brain active as mental exercise is known to stimulate the development of new neurons throughout the lifetime. A study in New York suggests that individuals eating food exclusive of additives, preservatives and artificial flavors possessed better IQ. Remembering something and thinking new establishes new connections. The best time your brain files up the memories is during your sleep thus cherish your sleep. Each part of your brain has a purpose.

Thus it’s high time that you understand your superpowers embedded with you and utilize the most. Healthy brain makes you healthy individual.

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