Male vs. Female

An image dispalying the Male vs. Female

Recent studies have revealed that newborn males and females have very dissimilar brain circuitry. According to Dr. LouAnn Brizendine, all brains of male and female gender look similar until 8 weeks of conceiving which later discriminate based on the rush of Testosterone. And most of the parents growing both sexes observe differences although they ignore to suppress the inborn discrimination. These differences have been lively shown in Brain Imaging technologies of both the gender. There exists quite a difference among the two sexes which are now evident.  To scrutinize some of those differences Language skills is one among them. Girls talk earlier than boys; have better verbal, vocabulary, memory & spelling frequency. Men are frequently less socially skillful, and are additional task-oriented thinkers than females. Numerical brain function is larger in males than in females thus they do better mathematics and physics than girls.

During stressful situations Males show fight back strategy where as females show befriend response. Males are easily prone to brain disorders like autism, ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome, while women are more vulnerable to mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

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